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Our Policies and Procedures are available for parents and visitors to view at any time through the online system the nursery uses and we hold a paper version copy at the setting.


The welfare of all our children in our care is paramount. 


Our rooms, equipment and garden are assessed serveral times a day.  New activities or outings are also risk-assessed prior to engagement.


In line with the statutory EYFS(2012) requirements, we practise Safe Recruitment including DBS checks. 


The nursery has 2 Designated Level 3 trained safeguarding officers and all practitioners are committed to keeping children safe, healthy and happy.


Children are taught about good health, self-care and saftely through example, stories, discussions and activities.




Our Local Offer details what we can offer children with SEN.  A copy of the local offer is available on request. 




Behaviour stratergies exist in each room and are age/stage appropriate as well as taking into consideration individual children's understanding and needs.  Through activities, circle times and good adult examples, our children learn to be caring, thoughful and accepting others.  Children are involved in decision and rule-making processes, giving them a sense of self-worth, ownership and inclusion.

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